Moon in Scorpio, first quarter intention

Moon in Scorpio, first quarter intention

Before i start this fight, what have I learned?
I’ve learnt that most of my battles were in defense of a lie,
that all the suffering I endured,
that all the hurt I brought upon myself,moon in scorpio, scorpio moon, water signs moon, moon astrology, crescent moon, astrology aspects, ang stoic
that all the time i wasted struggling in such anguished, writhing pain,
was all for people that did not deserve my love at all.

What did I learn?
That i shall not put out my heart to fight another worthless war again,
that I shall cede instead to conquering my lack of self-control
that serves to lead me to down the certain path of self-destruction
and focus rather on the fearless war within my raging soul
and curtail anger,
sit this battle out,
take this war in.


Originally Published ~ 24/07/2015

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