Moon in Scorpio conjunct Saturn semi-square Pluto

PLUTO Moon in Scorpio conjunct Saturn semi-square Pluto

“When a man is possessed by an evil spirit
The qualities of humanity are lost in him
Whatever he says is really said by that spirit,
though it seems to proceed to come from that man’s mouth.
When the spirit has this rule and dominance over him,
the agent is the property of the spirit, and not himself;
His self is departed, and he has become the spirit.
When he returns to himself he knows not a word of it.”
~RumiPLUTO Moon in Scorpio conjunct Saturn semi-square Pluto, moon in scorpio, moon conjunct saturn, moon pluto aspects, moon pluto astrology, saturn pluto aspects, saturn scorpio astrology, astrology transits

Watch what happens to the collective hologram of ‘reality’ over the next few days as the moon, now possessed with the fear-based venom of the Saturn starts to head towards Pluto and to form Thursday’s Full Moon. A global, tribal shapeshifting is occurring as we become engulfed by energies from the lower astral plane – entities that hold all the rage and anger of the world. Be mindful, stay protected.…/saturn-in-scorpio-2015-the-final-sti…/

Originally Published ~ 29/06/2015

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