Moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron

Moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron


In less than 24 hours the intensity of this moon will reach full peak.

The pain of dissolution you are sensing right now is enormous.

Connecting to your wounding – really unlocking the shame and humiliation of feeling used as the unwitting participant in someone’s else’s circus can leave you feeling profoundly vulnerable. Maybe you have become emotional to the point of flooding tears. Nothing hurts more than the sheer indignation of what you have had to endure till now.

But really, were you ever kept captive? Weren’t you always free to go and do as you pleased?


Perhaps you felt that you were given no option – like you were born into captivity and trained from infancy to jump through hoops and perform stupid menial tasks for the amusement of others – held to entertain a random public for just mere peanuts in return.

Drawing back your strength from this is going to have to be a daily ritual now.

Becoming meditative means staying clear and present, focus upon yourself and your own inner needs.

We have to ween ourselves off those peanuts, as secure as the made us feel, they simply weren’t enough. We have to stop depending on the greater society to supply us with the motivation and the reason to perform. We need to fully shake the shackles of our cultural conditioning and stop making concessions or excuses to feeling less than special.

We are only moments away (if not already there) from discovering it was all a giant hoax anyway.

Hang in there dear, sweet heart. You are almost completely free.

Just have to overcome society’s expectations.

You can do it.
You have the key.



Originally Published ~ 27/09/2015

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