Moon on the Jupiter ~ Neptune midpoint

Moon on the Jupiter ~ Neptune midpoint

Meet Lil’ Miss Understanding.

She gets around town with her nose in the air
believing in hunches that really aren’t there
she comes to conclusions all drawn from a within
and usually, well… they’re all based on a whim,
her moods are divinely, instinctively tuned
too bad that her insights are wrongly assumed
occasionally though, she’s convinced by a stinker
a lie she naively bought – hook, line and sinker
the truth is the truth, unless it’s mistaken
she charges you anyway, full of wild accusation
yet hold her to reason, she screams it’s ‘blue murder’
your “cynical ways” are “designed just to hurt her”,
be mindful just how you address her mistake
her sensitive heart is just begging to break.

Avoid massive emotional dramas and misunderstandings – do not dabble with psychobabble, spiritual rabble and speculative gamble (and lay off the wacky weed).

Don’t assume – investigate wisely.

Originally Published ~ 13/09/2015

                                                                                                          © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic

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