Moon in Capricorn ~ past the Pluto Uranus midpoint

Moon in Capricorn ~ past the Pluto Uranus midpoint

MOON still in Capricorn (past Pluto:Uranus mp)Ok… so you lost it a little back there. Couldn’t help yourself could you?


What to do?

You’re an emotional creature, right? You can’t be held responsible – especially when all ‘circumstances’ conspire to throw you off your poise and purpose without thinking. And with all this Jupiter/Neptune temptation still dangling about, you are easily prone to revert into your humanness and flash those feelers without thinking…

…and then you go and do things that perhaps you should-a, ought-a not-a.


Much happens in one millisecond. Reactions take hold of that pistol faster than a shootout in the main street of Deadwood at high noon.

Yet the magical thing is that your awareness between ‘losing it’ and ‘finding it’ is becoming almost instantaneous.

Learning that your REACTIONS DETERMINE THE OUTCOME of the situation is the key to self-mastery here.

And learning too, that holding back those (sometimes powerful) emotions for just a moment is as easy as taking one deep breath into your centre before making that self-destructive call is what it’s really all about.

Be proud that you are nearly there.

Won’t happen again, right?


Originally Published ~ 23/09/2015

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