Moon in Capricorn approaching Pluto

Moon in Capricorn approaching Pluto

Once you let all that baggage go – even all those little pesky hang-ups that keep riding and possessing you (you know the ones – those persistent little hooks that refuse to let go) then you will begin to rise.
It’s easier to see your inner child from higher above. Watch him grow in confidence and purpose with every step.
It is also easier to stumble now too. One must maintain a stern vigilance to keep a steady footing. One wrong step could see you can fall down flat upon your face, and that could prove embarrassing.
Everyone’s watching you in this moment. Be the example of mindfulness. Hold that composure.
The strict gravitational pull of this three-dimensional world is desperate to bring you down into a crashing heap if you so much as flinch in your stride.
We have reached such a pace of acceleration that the consequences between cause and effect are almost instantaneous. Notice how easily your baggage drags you down?
Steady now – don’t lose it, ok?

Originally Published ~ 22/09/2015

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