Moon in Cancer conjunct Mercury~Mars, opposition Pluto

Moon in Cancer conjunct Mercury~Mars, opposition Pluto

Out of the wistful isolation, the melancholy feelings of inadequacy and unlovedness, we come to face our shadow self. It is a side to us that urges so desperately to press on, to persevere through situations that seem impossible, insurmountable, break down those dreadful brick walls that we use to insulate ourselves from the harsh exterior and actually take a MASSIVE step forward.Moon in Cancer conjunct Mercury~Mars, opposition Pluto, moon pluto aspects, mars pluto aspects, mercury moon aspects, mercury mars aspects

Much rides on our ability to act upon our instincts now.

Sure, the physicalities will tell your mind that you have no chance against the goliaths in your world – those super armed-up forces that seem ruthlessly resourceful to have it THEIR way over yours.

With the moon now triggering the Mercury/Mars our emotional terrain stimulates the neural pathways that cause us to act impulsively, even (or especially) against those seemingly undefeatable monsters.

In fact, what is happening now is that you feel unconsciously supported and encouraged by the mood of your ENTIRE community – your ‘tribe’ – to rise up and act organically and spontaneously from a place of certainty and with smooth and flowing gestures.

That switch is being flipped. Your inner electricity lights up and your intuition starts to scream… “GO FOR IT!!”

Act now – go hard. Go total.


Originally Published ~ 15/07/2015

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