Moon in Aries conjunct South Node

Moon in Aries conjunct South Node

Time comes and people must go their ways.

Just as some animals were never meant to be caged, some people too were never meant to be held. They are best released back into the wider arms of nature, to live free and roam wild.

Their magnificence can never be contained or become cultivated to suit your personal needs.

As you open their cage to feed them they bust loose past you, and that part of you that knows it was wrong to hold them captive in the first place also rejoices for their liberation.

ARIES MOON upon the SOUTH NODEYes, your world may be left in a grim state of drab emptiness after their release. Do not hold any bitterness or hurt for this. It is important to forgive yourself for ever trying to hang on to something so connected to its nature.

Some things can never become cultivated into complimenting you. Some things can never be held.

Know this.

Bow to their magnificence and release them with love.


Originally Published ~ 28/09/2015

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