Moon in Aquarius opposition Mars conjunct Venus in Leo

Moon in Aquarius opposition Mars conjunct Venus in Leo

Venus in retrograde winds herself closer and approaching,
and though she does her cosmic dance, she seeks a little stroking,
that bastard Mars will lap it up without the sugar-coating,
it’s evident the pair of them are hoping for some groping,
but she’s a mess, her heart’s been trashed and she just clearly isn’t coping.
Meanwhile, back in the chair, his narcissistic manner is foreboding,
this whole affair is probably better if there isn’t any goading,
’cause when it’s through it’s pretty clear that hearts may well be broken,
but it’s not fair now to assume their passion isn’t potent,
or their intent for something hot and wild just isn’t open…
Witness the frenzied mood right now, i hope that you are noting
that none may interfere with this, and not a word be spoken?
This is between the pair of them, we know where this is going,
leave them alone, be cool you fool, and dare you not go gloating…

Originally Published ~ 27/08/2015

                                                                                                          © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic

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