Mercury trine Node, square Neptune

Mercury trine Node, square Neptune

Doesn’t take much to become invaded by the noise and the abrasions of another’s psychic clutter. Not that you’ve suddenly become ‘gifted’ with an ability to read the energy of those around you, not at all – you’ve actually always been able to do this. Just that you’ve been instructed all your life to use all senses but the one that tells you most of all.

And it’s bewildering and strange.

No, you are not going mad. Your spiritual sensitivity is becoming heightened now and seemingly bombarding you with messages that you could probably do without.

Mercury trine Node, square Neptune, mercury square neptune, mercury neptune aspects, mercury neptune astrology, astrology readings, astrology aspects, ang stoicYou are not in this alone. You might just wish to be left that way.

Turn off the TV news, the smartphone and the facebook feeds, get off the pot, the prozac and the like, and remove yourself from any noisy crowded spaces… enough dis-turbulence for a change.
Go find a spot where you can contemplate your mind, and breathe yourself to stillness, if just only for a moment.…/mercury-in-gemini-the-squares-to-nep…/


Originally Published ~ 9/05/2015

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