Mercury square Chiron

Mercury square Chiron

To switch off the busy, calculative mind, channel directly from the intuition is to hold a most responsive space with your environment.

Mercury square Chiron, mercury chiron aspects, mercury chiron astrology, chiron in astrology, the wounded healer, astrology aspects, ang stoicSometimes one has to leave the frantic bustle of their business district. Too much time buzzing around can make you feel inadequate, incapable of making true connection with your higher self. Sometimes the space you need to make a sound decision seems a little crowded with unwanted flotsam.

Times like these it is best to step outside your city zone and re-commune with nature.

Hold ritual out in the far wilderness of your mind. Call in the powerful forces of your intuition to counsel, to heal you.
Intuition is your true mother.
She always has your best interests in mind.


Originally Published ~ 3/07/2015

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