Mercury semi-square Saturn

MERCURY semi-square SATURN

The cult of ignorance is a rampant epidemic that now threatens to wipe out those very misguided minds who have become attached to this three-dimensional hologram of social reality.

Incomprehension and vilification of those who are deeply connected to the ethereal sensitivities of this planet, casting them out of their homes and rejecting them from taking part in the main stream ‘ride’ of this society is creating a different main stream – one of rejected, free-floating individuals seeking a place to belong.

The battered housewife, the poor and homeless, the misunderstood empath, the delinquent criminal, the drug-affected son, the ‘political’ refugee cast out in the desperate purgatory hell that is ‘outer society’, is becoming a growing epidemic among us.

We are fast dividing into those who are stuck in the prism of society’s ignorant mind, and those who are willing to learn.

Drop the preconceived mind. Stay sceptical, but learn to listen.

Prism, schism, cataclysm
get me out of this mental prison
lost all faith in your religion
sick of its harsh criticism
once, when young I prayed with rhythm
heard your sermons, stern derisions
kept me brainwashed, now i’ve risen
watch me make some tough decisions
honed my mind to smart precision
words with bite and sharp incision
best served cold, in altruism
now it’s time for y’all to listen
pay attention to my reason
hear me out, I’m on a mission
rant against your strict deism
your belief is untruism
now accept my atheism
just a product of your treason
all you preached was pure division
scepticism from your bosom
please bring back my childhood vision
i demand clear definition
now left desperate for that wisdom
of my blocked idealism.

Originally Published ~ 21/09/2015

                                                                                                          © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic

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