Mercury and Saturn both at Station

Mercury and Saturn both at Station

As both planets come to a halt, about to change direction, we are anticipating the world of thoughts and illusions priming for a complete about face.

What enters our minds pervades our senses, ultimately forming the premise of our entire belief system. But was it real, or was it artificially induced?

You may wake up tomorrow to realise that it was all a very funny dream, a foggy notion, or a fancy lie you came to enjoy, but that was all… in the end, just a silly fantasy.

Mercury and Saturn both at Station, mercury direct, mercury retrograde, saturn direct, saturn retrograde, saturn direct, astrology aspects, ang stoicIt’s time to awaken to another reality.

As Neptune heads into retrograde, our dreams recede back into the mystic. Our Mercurial thoughts begin take proper shape and we formulate ideas about what’s really happening here. We start to move with some positive direction again, picking up speed towards a far more sober-minded approach to addressing our affairs.

And though we may be ready to relinquish quite a lot (almost with a dispassionate lack of sentiment) – this time it is with far more resignation, a humble understanding, a forgiving sense of certainty that where we’re heading simply has to be the true destination now.

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Originally Published ~ 11/06/2015

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