Mercury (retrograde) square Pluto sesqui Mars

Mercury (retrograde) square Pluto sesqui Mars

The facility is there.
To use or abuse.
To possess or to become the instrument of a possession.
To control like a formidable sword, surgically cutting through into the psychic heart of the matter,
or to allow it to take over and obsessively finish the job with cruel and menacing intent.

Either way, the facility is available to finish this.

The mind switches into overdrive, and whilst in retrograde it whirrs and spirals upon a theme – it’s thinking back, and fixes hard upon a ‘something’ – something that needed to be addressed, and now becomes a matter to defend, a matter of integrity and pride and it’s now time to ‘balance out the score’.

Stand clear.
This could get nasty. There could be a spill.

Ambition can bring out the ugliest shades of our humanness just out of the blue.

How can this be pretty?
Can such mania be handled with Love?

Stand clear – the manic mind is on the loose.

Rx MERCURY square PLUTO, sesqui MARS

Originally Published ~ 25/09/2015

                                                                                                          © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic


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