Mercury opposition Moon~Pallas Athene

Mercury opposition Moon~Pallas Athene

Meanwhile Mercury, freshly out of the Neptune fog and clear of his contemplative retrograde shadow, comes face to face with the goddess of wisdom, justice and strategic warplay. With the Sadge Moon on her side it puts the public vibe in her high-minded favour.

Lots of big questions confront our winged messenger of the Word. Mercury needs to make a call here. Since he’s headed for the Jupiter/Uranus midpoint next few days, this better be good…

But what to do?

All that’s required here is a civilised chat… a healthy debate. The topics are lofty, and crucially important, consisting of principles of justice, liberty, and equality for all mortals. The fleeting Moons involvement in these matters makes it all so uncomfortably personal (or easily taken to heart, as such), and though passionate, the discussion is fraught with the propensity to fly into a wildly emotional furore, very quickly.

If the Word needs to be relayed here, it had best be mindful of the fiery, righteously tempestuous public mood right now.mercury opposition moon. mercury opposition pallas athene, asteroid athena conjunct moon, athena opposition mercury, asteroid athena, athena astrology, astrology aspects

If a decision need be made, it is best that it’s not be based entirely on logic. It needs to show some heart.

Soon – very soon – there will be serious consequences for what is formulated in hearts and minds of anyone engaged in broad discussions right now.

Re-member – do not dis-member.
Be sensible. Be sensitive. Be wise.


Originally Published ~ 30/06/2015

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