Mercury on the Jupiter~Uranus midpoint

Mercury on the Jupiter~Uranus midpoint

At this moment that we’re fleeting through,
let’s just check our baggage.

What are we carrying?
How much of it is yours?
What do you believe in
that does not make any sense, to me?
does it even make sense to you?
What thoughts are running through that mind of yours?Mercury on the Jupiter~Uranus midpoint, mercury jupiter aspects, mercury uranus aspects, jupiter uranus aspects, jupiter uranus astrology, astrology aspects, ang stoic
thoughts about me, or about others that show no respect or value,
thoughts about your self,
heavy, pernicious thoughts, that are not even yours anyway?

Why are we carrying these in our baggage?

Where did you pick up such ideas?
Do you not realise how they’re weighing down this great journey?

I’m going to ask you now to leave these off at the next stop.
Leave them or jump off with them, if you feel so all attached.

Think about these.

Everything can change for us, just in an instant.

Let them just go.


Originally Published ~ 3/07/2015

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