Mercury on the Jupiter ~ Neptune midpoint

Mercury on the Jupiter ~ Neptune midpoint

There is no end to the rich, powerful reaches of the imagination, the ability to span into terrain which not only provides wide-ranging alternatives but also has the ability to confuse and to distract us from reality. The images conjured in your mind must not only be in your dreams but be able to surface in the world of reality.

Yes, dreaming is beautiful and provides inspiration for action, but at some point we must reach out to one of those ‘castles in the air’ and turn them into castles in the real world.

A choice is necessary now. Neptune’s enormous pull may make the apparent multiplicity of options so infinitely vast that our choices just become paralysed by excessive anticipation. If you find yourself unable to make a choice because you seem confused or overwhelmed, it is time to carefully evaluate the pros and cons of each option and make a thoughtful decision.

Perhaps your overall objective is not very clear to begin with.

It may be that what you think is a great opportunity may turn out to be a major disappointment Meanwhile, a less enticing option that is right under your nose could be the golden opportunity ignored.

Discerning your thoughts between what’s real and what is just illusion is much harder now. Much effort is necessary to avoid fuzzy or wishful thinking, day dreaming, intoxication and escapism.

The mind is easily lured into worlds of temptation and choices that may seem tantalisingly pleasurable, as innocent as they might otherwise appear, could unfortunately lead us into situations which in time could prove to be our undoing, inviting complex consequences which, in many cases, could last an entire lifetime.

Remain mindful of your options. Choose one wisely.


Originally Published ~ 10/08/2015

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