Mercury inconjunct Saturn

Mercury inconjunct Saturn

Rigmarole guacamole.

Like trying to fit a square leg into a brown hole… sometimes the words just doesn’t seems to cometh out in ways to which the original meaning of the intent to what I was trying to articulate at the beginning of wha… erm… [sorry].

What I meant to say was, weMercury inconjunct Saturn, mercury saturn astrology, mercury saturn aspects, mercury astrology, astrology readings, ang stoicll… you know the feeling right… when you’re talking… and YOU know what it is you want to say, but others are not only appearing NOT to be getting you, but giving out the vibe that they are NOT interested or are intent to make it even HARDER for you to get your already forced point across?

Not hard to feel hindered or discouraged, and even seize into a mental block during this short transit.

Don’t sweat it. Just leave it for a morportunistic time, yeah?


Originally Published ~ 8/07/2015

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