Mercury inconjunct Pluto

Mercury inconjunct Pluto

Not buying into any of this public hyperventilation about equality.


Heard some shit in my time but this early booty in the Xmas stocking doesn’t leave me feeling ‘gay’ in the slightest.

Mercury inconjunct Pluto, mercury pluto aspects, mercury pluto astrology, mercury aspects, pluto aspects, pluto in capricorn, astrology sapects, ang stoic, mercury transitsSomeone is seriously tweaking the cogs up there whilst down here we have all been had. Something smells like mind-manipulating rat, and though it’s hard to get a real hard fix on exactly what that is with Mercury in this aspect, the mind boggles as to why (can you guess?).

Mercury’s opposition to Pluto (July 16) is the real tell-all, but so much happens before then.


Originally Published ~ 29/06/2015

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