Mercury in Virgo

Mercury in Virgo

At a shuttling pace Mercury pierces through the heart of Venus and Jupiter in Leo and enters his domicile in analytical Virgo.

The insatiable thirst for knowledge, directed into practical application brings us a sense of groundedness. Only through steady, earthy application of what we know do we develop true skill and expertise and though there is a danger of becoming so involved that we lose sight of the bigger picture, it is important just to heed that there are times in which we need to pay attention to the details too, to tidy up our sloppy act and take a less sentimental attitude with weeding/sorting out the clutter and the trash.

Rise from your ‘throne’ now, and begin immediately to attend to those niggling little matters – your health, your personal mess, and thus avoid confusion and disarray by adopting a more neat & organised regime.
And look around, maybe there’s something calling for your special brand of expert services to come take part into their project or their team. Become involved with helping others, and feel the goodness that comes out of sharing your remarkably unique special ability.


Originally Published ~ 8/08/2015

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