Mars trine Node square Neptune

Mars trine Node square Neptune

What if one day the elephant in the room just decided to ignore you?

The neo-cosmic shift of the past 3 years has created mass transitional changes in our world.

In a number of ways the magnetic fields which used to hold us all together have been removed entirely. Naturally, this is beginning to affect our overall stability, experienced both in our external world (relationships to people, places things), and internally (our own thoughts, emotions, beliefs).

It is no wonder that an instability then manifests within ourselves, and all around us as anxieties and irrational fears and worries. Appears like the entire set of agreements that once held us together in this three-dimensional domain are coming under an enormous state of flux and imbalance.Mars trine Node, mars square Neptune, mars moon nodes aspects, neptune moons nodes aspects, astrology aspects, astrology readings, ang stoic,

Good news:
You no longer have to agree with what’s going on around you. You can continue to participate in the things you did before without having to agree. You will just begin to feel increasingly uncomfortable, even resentful.

Do not be afraid. Our way of life is changing. As challenging as circumstances become for you, they are mostly out of your resistance to these changes. Just know that ultimately these are for our greater good. Wholesale detachment is inevitable.

Right now, just avoid trying to escape your worries with use of drugs, alcohol and other substances. Remain clear. Remain present.

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