Mars square Neptune

Mars square Neptune

On this quarter moon the set seems highly sensitised, and that can only lead to mystic reverie and promises to get to places that are simply unreachable by modern means..

Think about it this way:
1. It’s hard to be in two places at once
2. the mind works in mysterious ways, promising things that it fancies
3. in the end somebody is feeling annoyed or disgruntled for feeling deceived
4. angry misunderstanding over disappointments might ensue

Mars square Neptune, mars neptune aspects, mars neptune astrology, astrology aspects, astrology readings, ang stoicThe truth be told, this is supposed to be a day of action. But in truth, the truth has just been sold, and until there’s cash upon delivery the truth will leave you hot and cold, in wild-eyed aggravation, an exasperated hold.

Expect nothing – be pleasantly surprised to get something at all.


Originally Published ~ 26/05/2015

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