Mars Sextile Jupiter/Uranus

Mars Sextile Jupiter/Uranus

It’s the little things that will ignite, and right now it doesn’t take much provocation at all to inspire, inflame or incite the spirit.

Things can escalate to nose-bleeding levels of ‘excitement’ in just a Mars Sextile Jupiter, mars sextile Uranus, mars uranus aspect, mars uranus astrology, mars jupiter aspects, mars jupiter astrology, astrology readings, ang stoic,matter of milliseconds, the reaction often releasing such a bundle of pent-up stress and nervous tension that if ever there was any modicum of polite containment for the sake of simply ‘getting along’, then this may certainly be chucked out with the bathwater over this weekend.

Any excuse will do. Anything…
– a wayward glare, a minute tardiness, leaving the cap off the toothpaste… such are the things that could well spell the end of a lifetime bond right now. Easily.

And regrets? there may be a couple…but the change has been long coming, really. The only problems that arise may be from trying to deny or suppress the inevitable.

Just do it…

Anger is only ever bad when it is left unresolved anyway.


Originally Published ~ 6/06/2015

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