Mars sextile Jupiter – inconjunct Pluto

Mars sextile Jupiter – inconjunct Pluto

“Yeshua answered him and said, “Amen, I say to you that in this night, before a cock will crow three times, you will deny me.” ~ Matthew 26:34

For some, the fortune, the prestige, the glory and the luck has lined their nests with tremendous rewards, and has demonstrated how in this world if one is born into the right family, has the right upbringing and education and applies themselves in the right direction then there are simply no limits to how much one can expand in both material and spiritual endeavour.Mars sextile Jupiter, inconjunct Pluto, mars jupiter astrology, mars jupiter aspects, mars pluto aspects, mars pluto astrology, astrology readings, ang stoic

Yet, at this time, this ‘fortune’ factor in today’s world comes under intense scrutiny as rising mass consciousness starts to surmount to crisis levels of awareness to conspiracies of deep corruption endemic in every institution. Very soon, all that we knew about all that was known will fall away to make evident all that was withheld and what we failed to be told – about a world which really had a mission to look after its own kind, but for the spurious intent of some individuals did not.

And though some may deny this, the cock will crow and the sun will eventually rise to shine the light upon the darkness that held the world in slumber.…/jupiter-quincunx-pluto-the-spurious-…/.


Originally Published ~ 4/06/2015

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