Mars semisquare Uranus

Mars semisquare Uranus

It’s not enough to have been slapped squarely in the face and somehow have your amazing ideas thwarted. Now this. Being told that you absolutely deserved that.

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You came into a brand new scenario with predetermined expectations. Last thing anybody needs right now is a schmaltz-burger with fries…

Look. There is no really recipe for success or disaster. Both hinge upon your degree of awareness to work with this present moment. You are either going to tune in and produce something amazingly fresh, or things are gonna turn to cringe fast.

This is how it is now. Any sort of hokey effort becomes immediately exposed. And it’s a big fucking turn-off.

So don’t feel dejected. Learn to act with consciousness.…/the-saturn-uranus-principle-what-tim…/


Originally Published ~ 17/05/2015

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