Mars-Saturn Opposition, ignited by the Aries Moon

Mars-Saturn Opposition, ignited by the Aries Moon

Slip tied, mouth of a knot
more than i figured and found I am not
in the tenses of time did I stitch in a minute
that the moment defrayed to a dithering jot
and i only ask what,
never did say a lot
but the lot i was given, in-as-much as was driven
by a fervent desire to be blistering hot
now inflamed to a pulsating dictive addiction
to expel rambling words with a rhythmical diction
and now motion to stop me and just make me make sense
i will smash your resistances out to the fence
as my fever climbs higher and my words cannot stop
if my memory serves me, all past tenses forgotmars opposition saturn, mars saturn astrology, mars saturn aspects, aries moon, moon in aries, luna astrology, astrology readings, ang stoic,
much more often than not i am not what i’m not
fuck i’m hot, I’m just burning
don’t you be so discerning

i can do without cynically harsh passing shots…
There you go now i said it, you just censor not edit,
and inflame me to temperatures tempered too hot
won’t you just take your clipboard and your stinking red ink
and please leave me alone just to rot in my stink.

..oh and thanks, thanks a lot
[oh, my head it is pounding so damned hard i can’t think]


Originally Published ~ 15/05/2015

                                                                                                          © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic


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