Mars in Leo inconjunct Pluto

Mars in Leo inconjunct Pluto

gunpointYeah, alright, you’re pretty damned special, sure.

Yes, yes, you’re pretty unreal, you. That cute thing that you do – it’s cute, yep…

Thank you for putting that across in no uncertain terms. I got it now. Thanks.

Just gotta say though, your whole relentless push to have this validated now is kinda sickening.

It’s fucking killing it.

Ok, so you insist you’re pretty damned hot. Excellent. Everybody loves you… You’re the bee’s knees of the high trapeze, and everybody knows, everybody sees..

Just gonna have to ask you to back off now (please)…

Maybe it’s time that you examined what is unconsciously driving all this mania of yours to show us all how awesome you are lately. Because (to be honest) you’re doing yourself much more harm than good. Don’t act so surprised if what you’re trying to achieve creates the adverse effect in getting you the recognition you so strongly feel that you deserve. Don’t become all puzzled if you’re only left feeling unloved and unwanted.

Sometimes you push it just a bit too far…

Cut that shit. Crop it right back. Take a good look at the psychodynamic application of your force – ask yourself whether it’s sexy to go around wrangling others into lavishing you with praise.


Ease up. Time out. Take a good look at what you really need to prove, who you’re really trying to please…

Then come back later, start again.


Originally Published ~ 29/08/2015

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