Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter in Leo

Just be mindful of something. Something huge. When Jupiter eventually goes into Virgo on August 12th, all this exploration into your UNIQUENESS, jupiter in leo, jupiter leo natal, jupiter leo chart, jupiter in leo 2015, jupiter in leo qualities, jupiter in leo personality, jupiter in leo astrologyhow SPECIAL you are and how AMAZING you can BE – things we’ve come to discover during Jupiter’s journey through Leo – will have to amount to something useful.

All the best things about you will soon be crafted into a specific skill that you can offer to the world. A big project, just a little way down the road, will be summoning your wonderful services to help teach and guide your fellow team members through some BIG changes.

Changes much bigger than you, but impossible to accomplish without your special brand of expertise.

Are you nearly ready?
You will soon hear a calling to get with the program.
Standby for more details.


Originally Published ~ 8/16/2015

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