Juno sextile Mars

Juno sextile Mars

Whether he is a King, a Warrior, a God, Lover, a Mystic or a Sage, today’s male is having a completely crap time identifying to the divine feminine.

Whilst this can be quite disheartening to both males and females in their quest to walk together in a holy marriage, we realise we may have a bit to do yet before we can fully honour (and celebrate) the high degree of freedom and independence required within the partnership.

Our definitions of ‘courage’, ‘daringness’ and ‘strength’ need to be looked at.
These are essentially INTERNAL character traits – not ones that need to be dramatically displayed EXTERNALLY. All contrived efforts to appear heroic seem unconvincing and hollow.

It is of no use trying to compensate for our insecurities and inadequacies in dealing with today’s collapsing social order by using out-dated methods of masculinity and force.

These seem childish and off-putting. NOT very sexy at all.

Trying to emulate old-school definitions of ‘marriage’ just will not do. The modern man must become more present in the now if he is to earn the respect of his counterpart.

Time to start re-defining the Cosmic Marriage…
….(stay tuned for more)



Originally Published ~ 21/06/2015

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