Juno in Virgo

Juno in Virgo

Because Juno, goddess of the marriage code, is now in Virgo, the emphasis is in getting it right inside the marriage. Has to be just perfectly how we want it. So everyone is mentally sensitised to the practical ideals and imperfections of the current conjugal bond.

We pick on things that make us grumble till they work out right – kicking up a proper stink if things fail to meet up to our finicky standards. We hold a right to criticise and find fault within our own arrangement, and we stake our right to fuss and moan about what the espousal ought to mean for others too.

Juno in Virgo, juno astrology, virgo qualities, virgo personality, asteroid juno, astrology aspectsWhen we hold anxious expectations of what the wedded partnership ought to mean, we create an air of tension and suspense, one where those involved work nervously to find a suitable solution.

With Saturn still in square, and Pluto sesqui, a lot of bastard pressure and blackmail is often involved. It carries over from last week.

Purity. We’re going for purity on this one. We either learn to put up with the tyranny of others just to stay within an excruciating bond, or find a way to squirm the fuck out of the whole deal. Either way the aim is to keep it clean, mean and utterly pristine.



Originally Published ~ 3/07/2015

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