The Journey to reclaim the Divine Masculine ~ Pluto, ruler of the Underworld

The Journey to reclaim the Divine Masculine
(An astrological expedition) Part I

Pluto takes about 248 to cycle around the Sun. In that time many generations will live and die, each building upon their forefathers’ destiny.

In fact, Pluto is only now ( exact in 2023) returning to the point in the zodiac (27°Cap 33′) where it was at the time the USA was declared an independent nation on July 1776.

So much happens in one cycle. So much so that one man alone cannot hope to accomplish their entire agenda to seize, dominate and transform the world as he so wishes. Though he may do his best to take all the earthly power upon his land, exploit the resources, and bring the finest women under his remarkable control, in fact, he cannot ever hope to conquer over his most certain demise. At some point he must surrender everything and give it up to his own mortality – death.

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He has sons.

And if such a man should amass great power and influence, worldly riches, important social connections in one lifetime, then he will surely wish to groom his male offspring to secure all ‘love’ that he has struggled so hard to garner. Though the course of his later life, he will impress and manipulate his son to dominate the land in much the same way as he did. Hopefully, by giving him a solid kickstart, his son would inherit a considerable advantage, even over his own initial efforts.

He will leave all his power.

So he empowers his son by leaving a WILL.
A directive, bound legally, that when he so dies, his entire estate, his title in society and all the spoils will be handed to his oldest son – his protegé, his finest seed. And the society agrees to let that happen. In fact, the society depends on it. Actually, society expects that.
In this way, through such a powerful agreement, the old man still rules the wishes of the young man, from the grave.
In this way too, all the land he has secured, possibly over his own neighbours or the land’s original natives, using power handed to him by his own father, will still be ruled by him (from beyond the grave).
This way the old man will leave a legacy when he passes. He will be remembered as a great man.
And his eldest son should be forever bound and indebted to the glory of his father, and all those great men that came before him.

Too bad, of course, for the second son. Or the third… they missed out on the big goods.

Or worse still for the women in the clan. They should only hope to marry a great man from another, similar clan.

Worst too for those unlucky neighbours or those unfortunate enough to be born brown and indigenous, inherently showing no connection whatsoever to any of the nation’s greatest forefathers. These guys would not only be made to feel excluded out of everything, they should feel lucky to survive another generation.

Thus goes the great cycle of power, wealth and sexual prowess…

…our journey toward understanding the male principle, and just how we all came to be in this current state of affairs, starts here..

(to be continued)


Originally Published ~ 23/10/2015

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