Grand air trine Mercury/Sun, Ceres, Node

Grand air trine Mercury/Sun, Ceres, Node ~ Cosmic Classifieds

Leaders, teachers, healers required to help guide humanity out of this collective fear consciousness.

Grand air trine Mercury/Sun, Ceres, Node, ceres asteroid, ceres astrology, nodes astrology, astrology aspects, air sign astrology, gemini, aquarius, libraPeople need to be reminded, led to a higher understanding that all this will pass through – none of it is permanent – nor is any perceived attachment to it.

Prerequisite: Ability to breathe in the air, relax, come into the body and clearly observe what is truly going on without becoming distracted by the noisy influences that are constantly trying to pressure you to worry about another moment other than this one.

Can you help restore a state of collective joy?



Originally Published ~ 30/05/2015

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