Grand Air Kite Ceres-Mars-Nodes

Grand Air Kite Ceres-Mars-Nodes

Time to get off the fence you femdom earth-goddesses and ineffectual, inarticulate warriors. This planet is truly screaming for a little mind-set touch up.

Yet in the scheme of the great dream, we got caught up in the machine, wasting our efforts and our steam, lashing and lacerating one another with our snidy gossip and spiteful disapproving sighs.

It’s time to work together like brothers and sisters once again.

Gender is not at all a biological distinction in the world of spirit.

We need both straight lines to get things done as much as we need swirls to make things pretty. These forms co-exist in each of us. The great imbalance only happened when we tried, firstly; to divide these forms into the population, then; to start to ridicule those who failed to fall in and comply.Grand Air Kite Ceres-Mars-Nodes, ceres mars aspects, ceres astrology, ceres the moons nodes aspects, astrology aspects, astrology readings, ang stoic

Time out. Embrace and celebrate your gender. Express your sexuality comfortably and with pride.

Know you are capable of both expressing both forms, and it’s ok to go with what you feel is most comfortable for you, without concern what others think or say or do.

Just don’t sit high upon the fence and heckle those who are trying their best to connect with others – especially if you’re doing nothing. This transit says get down, and boogie.

Or else the earth will shake your ass right off that fence (much sooner than you think).


Originally Published ~ 25/05/2015

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