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Venus on the Saturn ~ Neptune midpoint

This is going to be hard…

…and I do hope you understand.

The reason that it had to be so harsh is because i’m not that man. You just wanted me to be – and I wanted to be too, and i really fucking tried – and i did it just for you… But in the end just couldn’t do it, couldn’t keep up the charade, and I wanted to be true, so… in the end it just got hard.

‘Cause no matter how amazing and how magical it seemed, the reality just didn’t manifest as you may dreamed. I’m no longer in denial, please don’t tell me love comes first, I’m afraid that something sucks here, it appears it’s this romance.

VENUS on SATURN:NEPTUNE midpoint, ang stoic, astrologyI appreciate your notions, your exorbitant ideals, but in actual truth, my Clementine, I’m telling you for reals – this whole love is just a nightmare, that i’ve woken from to see, that in actual truth the one you love does not resemble me. Who the hell I have become here? Not exactly plain to see, but the more I entertain this, well i’m sure that it can’t be.

I can’t tell you how depressed and just distressed i’ve come to feel, and it’s all because your fantasy never became ideal. I’m so sorry now to leave you, and you’re taking this so hard, I’m no coward – please forgive me, ’twas the truth that broke your heart.

And the moral of the story, let the truth be plainly seen: Push a square peg for a round hole and your love becomes obscene.


Originally Published ~ 16/10/2015

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