Moon opposition Saturn ~ squaring Mars, Jupiter and Neptune

Moon opposition Saturn ~ squaring Mars, Jupiter and Neptune

MOON opposition SATURN (squaring Ma:Ju:Ne)



Where are you on the scale between
SECURITY <===========> FREEDOM?
Which end are you closest to?

Chances are, you have much invested in a world that has somewhat provided you with enough documents, contracts, agreements that legally tender you as safe. Pieces of paper that assure you that you are protected and secure.

Of course much of that security depends on deeds of ownership title, like your beautiful hou$e, your wonderful hu$band, your life $$$avings, your retirement fund$$ – contracts whose security rests nicely inside some vault of some fine, safe institution.

But what if those contract$ were not actually IN a vault at all?

What if they only existed on a promise? A reassurance based on the good performance of an inflating, dreamy, speculative hope? What if the currency that is fuelling this entire planet (and your security) is merely borrowed on the good faith of a system which in physical reality does not exist in any vault, anywhere on THIS planet?

Where would your security be after that? Which planet have you placed your faith in?

How well would you cope if all you had left was your freedom?


Originally Published ~ 2/10/2015

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