Moon conjunct Venus square Saturn

Moon conjunct Venus square Saturn

Oh, my love…

Was ne’er sweeter than this.
Smells exactly like bliss,
lips so soft, touch me just, like a butterfly’s kiss,

Venus come, take this chance
join an old cosmic dance
bask in moonlit romance
fixed by hypnotic trance
if you could just perchance
in my arms happenstance

but what’s this – a remiss
was there something amiss? –
throw me in the abyss
with an infantile diss
no… please… Miss
i insist
what I crave for i miss
don’t resist my advance
let me just reminisce
can’t you see by my stance
I was ready to prance?

unbecoming you say
is this?

How could she just desist
from first glance persistence
so lovely at first
takes a bitterful twist

…has this beautiful tryst
left me cruelly dismissed?

oh, dear god, what expense
on my bleeding finance
must be something i missed
– all my hopes to be kissed
to be loved and caressed
leave me broken and bust
her young beauty has just
disappeared into dust
and my lust into mist
leaves me filled with mistrust…

Originally Published ~ 9/10/2015

                                                                                                          © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic

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