Moon conjunct Uranus ~ square Pluto

Moon conjunct Uranus ~ square Pluto

Who are you if not a lump sum product of your memories, right?

And some creatures are seriously more retentive of their memories than others.

They say an elephant never forgets, but then again, elephants are heavy, and such slow creatures.

Ever notice, when you’re talking to some people, that everything they see or hear seems to become a trigger for them to bust out into their own detailed (sometimes painful, sometimes revised) story from their own experience?

“this reminds me of the time such-and-such happened, and i did this”…

What are they really saying?MOON conjunct URANUS (square PLUTO)

Essentially they are identifying their ego to an exterior sensation. Their whole identity is attached to the past, and therefore a PAST VERSION OF THEMSELVES seems to constantly interfere with their ability to EXPERIENCE THE PRESENT.

We all do this, to some degree. It is the human condition. And it repeats on us, constantly, whether it is in our stories or our thoughts, which influence our behaviour in the NOW.

Letting go of that urge to hang on, particularly to dark or heavy memories will immediately make you lighter as a being.

Intercepting thoughts that re-mind you of a former version of yourself, dropping them, will allow you to transform into a lighter, much faster being.

Don’t let your past possess you. Shut that shit down immediately.

Catch up with the now.

Become the latest version of yourself.


Originally Published ~ 30/09/2015

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