Mercury opposition Vesta, sextile Saturn

Vesta is a sweet little asteroid, whose dominion is to rule over issues of commitment and devotion. Interests that, whilst she goes through Aries, are about following your most self-centred spiritual pursuits.

To what commitments are you determined to stay true? To surrender anything for?

It’s easier now to find the right discipline to just throw yourself into this, especially since Saturn in Sagittarius is being supportive with the moral and social framework to make it happen for you.MERCURY OPPOSITION VESTA, SEXTILE SATURN, astrology reading, ang stoic

Yet somehow, you’re in two minds…

It’s also hard to give up the shagadelic lifestyle – the long and intimate late-night chats, the tempting sex-romps and hippy love-ins that are strangely becoming a frequent feature of this Merc/ NN Libra period. How to give all that away for one’s self-aligned devotional interests?

There may be no real choice. Only one way will serve you best, always.

Stop, somewhere in the centre, find a happy balance.

Originally Published ~ 13/10/2015

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