What is an astrological consultation?

Unlock the secrets of your life with Ang Stoic, a renowned astrologer with decades of experience helping people gain a new perspective on their path, relationships, and life’s challenges. With his deep understanding of astrology and humanistic psychology, Ang provides personalised astrology readings that reveal the unique patterns and energies that shape your personality, talents, and potentials.

Ang’s special talent is identifying core issues and crises that are holding you back from living your best life. Whether you are struggling with career decisions, relationship issues, health challenges, or spiritual growth, Ang can help you untangle the knots and find the clarity and direction you need.

One of Ang’s specialities is helping people navigate major life transitions, such as midlife crises, career changes, Saturn returns, relationship issues, and other milestone events. With his penetrating insight and warm, personable guidance, Ang can assist you in turning even the most challenging moments into opportunities for growth, self-discovery, and empowerment.

Sessions are conducted via Zoom, and an mp4 audio recording of your session is immediately emailed to your inbox following your session.

Services Available:

  • Comprehensive session (for first-time clients),In this session, Ang explores the fullest potential of your natal chart to reveal your life focus, talents, gifts, and challenges. Against the transits of the current skies, he guides you on how to work with these to move towards your current life’s purpose and provides rich, detailed insights into your progressed chart via a comprehensive 6-12 month outlook.
  • Problem analysis: Ang uses the horoscope to powerfully cut to the heart of your problem. With a sound analysis of your situation and the tools to help you move forward with certainty, Ang can help you gain a new perspective and find a path to greater clarity and peace of mind.
  • Shamanic life reading ā€“ Embark on a shamanic healing journey through your life story. From conception to old age and beyond, Ang helps you explore the most formative moments of your life and gain a deeper understanding of how they help to shape your personal story. Through this unique experience, you will gain a deeper understanding of your past wounds and traumas and learn how to overcome them to live a more fulfilling life. Through this powerful shamanic journey, you can unlock the secrets of your soul and find greater peace and purpose in your life.
  • Transits & progressions and directions (your complete outlook for up to 12 months ahead)
  • Relationship compatibility and counsel 
    Unlock the secrets of your relationship dynamics with Ang’s Relationship Compatibility and Counsel session. Through the use of synastry and composite charts, Ang can help you understand the inter-dynamics between your chart and your partner’s, providing valuable insights into your compatibility and potential challenges.
    Using advanced Synastry and Composite techniques, Ang can offer guidance on how to work through any issues that arise and equip you with the tools you need to strengthen your relationship and move towards a more fulfilling future together.
    Whether you are in a committed relationship, considering entering into one, or navigating a difficult breakup, Ang can provide you with the support and counsel you need to overcome obstacles and achieve a deeper level of understanding and connection with your partner.
  • Relocation charts
    Discover how your location can impact your life experience with a relocation chart reading. Using AstroCartoGraphy (ACG), Ang can help you find the most favourable locations in the world to enhance your chart experience, as well as identify areas where you are likely to experience success, challenges, or personal growth. Gain valuable insights into the energies surrounding your local space in different geographical places and make informed decisions about where to go for business, relationships, or personal growth.


  1. hello Ang,

    Are any of the above simply written charts?

    0mm x

  2. Hello! do the consults get recorded and is anything received via email or print so there is future visual reference? Cheers and happy new year šŸ™‚ xx

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  4. I am looking forward to a reading,A dear friend and I are travelling together making our way through tropical towns towards Cairns, could we in the future arrange such a reading, l am yet to receive my time of birth. May your evening be restful

  5. Can I get these readings via e-mail?

    • Hi Virginia. My readings are conducted via live, vis-a-vis video connection (Skype). In my work, it is important that I interact with my client in real time as this is the most effective way to produce useful and accurate directions. There are many online astrology sites and operators who can provide you a written analysis (alone), but these are often just a deluge of information rather than a nuanced composition of your specific astrological condition and the road ahead for you.

  6. Can the vis-Ć -vis video connection be conducted by FaceTime? since Iā€˜m not Skype
    M. B.