Shamanic Life Reading – with Ang Stoic

The ‘Shamanic Life Reading’ is a journey back into your own personal story, from conception to old age, and beyond. It unfolds as a rich tale which introduces all the primary characters & key life events of your life, and how these come to influence you along  your path.

The accuracy of reconstructing a life can often bring up influences that are not common knowledge to us, despite our resistance to understanding some of the critical points in our personal history, ranging anywhere from prenatal, formative, adolescence and maturity. This is even more the case with critical events in our early life that our parents either refuse to tell us or have kept as family secrets, which have a profound effect on our behaviour, both within our psyche or as reflected (or projected) in our relationships with others.

Ironically, we must understand the power of our past in order to authentically experience the present, a place where real choices are available to us. This is the first stage of empowerment when stepping out of our 3D conditioning into the invigorating and liberating 4D (present moment) experience.

Astrology literally means “knowledge of the stars“. Using your astrology chart, my intuitive practice is to ‘trance’ into and relate (translate) the earth’s movements relative to the stars using a system of planetary timings that then determines the unfolding of your unique life events.

As we understand the mechanism, dynamics, and programming of our reality in linear, ‘3D’ time, so we begin to better understand the root of how we have come to behave in the complex way that we do. When we come to understand our life-stories through present-moment consciousness we can then, in the Chirotic sense, access the all-important ‘key’ to liberate ourselves from any karmic patterns.

For you, the ‘Shamanic Life Reading” becomes a personally enriching ‘rite of passage’ as we retrace your life-journey, placing you in the passenger (or observer) seat, as witnessed here in present tense. My aim is to create a sacred teaching space for you; to show you tools that will help you see the underlying essence of your own story; assist you to dispel some of the myths and illusions that are commonly created in the mind’s telling and re-telling of your story – one which, over time, becomes increasingly subjective and tainted with foggy memories and wildly romanticised (or victimised) versions of your intrinsic self.

From this, you are given the opportunity to either hold with clarity, or consciously release the engrams of your personal dynamics that often create drama and pain in your relationships.

This rich and powerfully engaging 90-minute session is a worthwhile investment which has the power to change the way that you continue to recount your life story and how you choose to apply your unlimited potential.

Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: USD 269.00

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