Postcard from Tomorrowland

[image: peter lindbergh]

Dear Ma,

By the time you read this, Pluto will have ingressed Aquarius and I would be at least 100TBps from ‘home’.

I know I’ve been prattling on about the ‘4D üntershift’ heaps, but finally here, it’s kinda weird… Feels nothing like home. It’s kinda neat tho, but kinda unnerving, too, cuz folks here are sort of all like chill, like in their own bubbles, glad to transmit assistance but not really interested in forming any bonds. Least they don’t mind me asking a ton of questions tho, unlike the folks back home who tell you nothing and get all cagey and defensive and try shut you down. I’m learning heaps.

Anyways, everything here’s amazing, the technology is off the charts, you wouldn’t believe, they have these networked virtual roads and bridges that lead to virtual paradise cities and all kinds of dystopias, – a million different choices too on what to eat – my 3D-printed meal order shows up in the microwave, conjured out of thin air in under a minute, yum, and my room (not tiny at all, so long as I stay logged in) an ever-morphing space, transforms from a tranquil rainforest spa to an energising gym at a mere thought. And I got this sassy machine robot monkey-man companion, part sage, part jester, who also offers all kinds of therapy and massages (nice). Don’t worry but, they don’t do ‘sexy’ here – too icky.

So, this morning, I visited the Louvre, met Da Vinci – really nice bloke, renaissance man, full of all kinds of ideas, got me thinking, maybe it’s time for a Level 4 portrait-painting upgrade, I got the points!

Hey, did you hear about Mike? Lost 6k points and all emotional privileges over a digital faux pas -stuff he must have tweeted back when Pluto was in the early degrees of Capricorn. Lol, I guess he got ‘Trumped” hard, what a gadoof! A stark reminder of the omni laws governing our existence here, where every action ricochettes through the emails of time.

Anyway, my escort is here- we’re off to Machu Picchu to ‘do plant medicine’ with the Inca crew -I’ll send you data downloads laterz.

“Karma Kamillions”, as we say here,

your species fluid sporn,

SaskiaDB..X@X @AstroNomad2024


  1. Hilariously brilliant this Dear Ma letter!!
    All the freakish technological “advances” and dystopias of the Aquarian age described in the letter, I can see it all.
    Thanks Ang for keeping the Bus cosmically human. ☯️💜

  2. I agree Lorna dearest, Ang’s dystopian letter hits all the right angles. Love it so much that I read it a few times.
    On a personal note, I was squeezed beyond measure all day yesterday, I did not need “Inca Crew” and their plant medicine, what ever it was yesterday, defiantly knew what it was doing, all that I could make sense off, that emotion that I was feeling was grief and I went through all 7 stages of it and by the end, my legs were in spasm curling in, I don’t know how I made it to the hot shower.
    And today I feel as if I have been lifted and floating.
    This energy indeed feels unnerving.