FACE TO FACE WITH DARKNESS: Pluto’s Shift 2024 [Cosmic Bus #2403]

Talking about Pluto is never pretty. It's like staring into an abyss of life's most daunting realities – death, decay, obliteration, and the raw, often brutal forces that push us through transformative crises.

Pluto doesn't just nudge us; it wipes us out, provoking a confrontation with our most primal fears and unearthing the skeletons we've buried deep. This process is gruelling, mercilessly thorough, stripping everything down to its core. Yet, within this brutal deconstruction lies its core necessity. Like a phoenix rising from ashes, it paves the way for soul rebirth, a raw, unfiltered truth that fosters resilience, strength, and profound, everlasting progress.

Pluto's darkness is the harsh but essential crucible for purging the old and forging the new. The shift from the final degree of one sign to the first degree of the next is the most gruelling in nature's evolutionary cycle. Here, we talk about this shift and what's to come in the months ahead...

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