You know things are about to take a dark turn when daddy’s gotta come down hard on “freedoms” in order to try and preserve some basic sanities around the place.

And so it is as the Capricorn Sun, all about imposing authoritative structure and control, tries to muzzle down Eris in Aries, the embodiment of mischief and defiance.

We all got a little bit of that “screw you” spirit in us. We also know that it’s important that we occasionally take an “enough is enough” stance too. If you’re a mature, well-rounded human, maybe with kids or pets (or some responsibility for lives that matter), then you’ll understand how challenging (but necessary) this dilemma is.

I know… being a badass mf (from way back), but also the father of four clever little upstarts, two mulishly incalcitrant pets and a whole tribe of folk who often just refuse to play the good old-fashioned way.

We can be our own worst enemy, so far as hypocrisy goes. It’s little wonder, then, that the state has a SLIM CHANCE in trying to control its citizens.

Yes, New Moon has come, and all hell goes gnarly from this point forth. And yeah, once a government – or any authority, for that matter – beats down along the path of forcibly silencing opposition, it’s a slippery slope. It can lead to more and more repressive measures, creating a climate of utter fear and mistrust. It’s a strife-stricken game where trying to tamp down that defiant spirit can backfire, turning into a climate of tranny and terror for everyone. It sets up a situation where everyone’s walking on eggshells, wondering what’s going to happen next.

So, good luck navigating this tricky terrain, balancing freedom and control… It’s a tightrope walk, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

We discussed it here: 2024 – A WORLD BEYOND REPAIR [Cosmic Bus #2401] and will go into it in more depth in our next episode, but the time ahead, especially the initial stages of Pluto entering Aquarius, will see one revolution after another. Humanity undergoes massive changes, just to preserve its humanity, and we are visited by beings from another dimension (notice i didn’t say “planets”) who try to warn us, just as they have many times over…

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