“Seeking Solid Ground”: The NEW MOON at 20°44′ Capricorn, Thursday, January 11, 2024, 11:58 UTC

Greeting Fellow Travellers,

And a blessed New Moon to you on this vibrant Capricorn day!

There isn’t much left to say that hasn’t yet been told by every pundit out there furiously tapping away at their keyboard, each adding to the overwhelming deluge of data now swamping your inbox. They all somehow vie for your time and attention, each spinning their own tale, each trying to hook you into their business.

Our narrative, of course, is astrological – a unique perspective drawn from the celestial motions of planets across the heavens. This ancient amusement, humanity’s first observed cosmic phenomenon, holds profound practical significance. We know without question that the rhythmical movements of the Sun and Moon, for instance, dictate our days, weeks, months, and years. Our stories woven from these celestial patterns should, therefore, captivate us intensely. Yet, in an era brimming with distractions, this time-honoured study and divination craft is often dismissed as pseudoscience, relegated to the not-to-be-taken-seriously pages of printed and online media.

Nevertheless, I persist. My dedication to this field, through these articles and more in-depth in my premium content and one-on-one client engagements, continues to aid many in their quest for celestial understanding. Astrology is a meticulous study of cycles, cycles within cycles, representing a concatenation of cosmic and earthly rhythms. Amidst a world rife with absurdities and untruths, this age-old discipline offers a clean, clear, and consistently truthful narrative.

While our world undergoes relentless change, the stars have always been a constant presence, a celestial tapestry that never deceives. They provide a stable, reliable guide in an age where scepticism and disbelief are rampant, where discerning truth becomes increasingly challenging and speaking it sometimes attracts all kinds of strange reactions. In this context, astrology emerges not just as a study but as a sanctuary of wisdom and sincerity. So, of course, we take it seriously. Very seriously.


Nobody takes things as seriously as Capricorn. As the trustworthy gatekeeper of reality, this cardinal sign insists we stay firmly grounded in the tangible and credible. Amid the gravity of its earthbound convictions, our journey through Capricorn sees us ascending like a sure-footed mountain goat towards summits of security, relying only on the most stable structures beneath our hooves as the world below spins in perpetual flux. Saturn, its revered taskmaster at 4º Pisces, embodies discipline, structure, and control, issuing strict instructions on how to manage our duties and responsibilities. Its semisquare to the Capricorn New Moon, coupled with harmonious sextiles to Jupiter in Taurus and Mars in Capricorn, fortifies our climb. These aspects bring a sense of grounded realism and pragmatic optimism, helping us keep our eyes on the prize – the summit of our worldly experience at 29º Capricorn.

Pluto’s decade-and-a-half transit through Capricorn led us through the darkest and longest nights, culminating in the recent Capricorn New Moon at 21º, the very degree where it became conjunct to Saturn in January 2020. Remember how that moment warned us of a ‘Great Reset’? Now, as Pluto teeters on the brink of shifting into Aquarius, we brace for the profound chill of a drastic, irrevocable paradigm shift. This cosmic foreshadowing of stark, relentless change is a grim reminder of nature’s indifference, the inexorable march of time and its outright erasure of our misgiven past.

As we pad ourselves against the physical cold, we also steel our minds, cultivating a fortitude that defies the looming unknown. This night, shrouded in introspection, our inner shadows, dancing apparitions, as our breath hits the frozen air. The Capricorn New Moon, besieged on each side by malefics, Mars and Pluto, transcends being just a mere celestial event; this lunation is a symbol of our stolid resilience, a resolution to face what lies ahead in the longer, colder, darker nights.

This is a time to embrace the darkness, to find solace in solitude and the silence it brings. The world may sleep under a frosty blanket, but beneath, life pulsates slowly, enduringly, mirroring our own resilience, just as it did for those courageous souls who came before us.

In this week’s horoscopes and intentions, I delve into the retrospective of immense lessons learned during Pluto’s journey through Capricorn. It’s a contemplation of the past, intertwined with a foresight into how today’s skies are realigning to deliver us boldly into tomorrow’s brave new world.

Have I built it up enough??

You don’t need me to tell you. If you’re connected to the rhythms of nature, you can feel that we are entering a time of profound transformation that will shake and reshape the very foundations of our existence. This is a time of facing some hard truths, especially if your narrative has been sullied by all kinds of confusions, betrayals, disappointments and outright lies. Saturn in Pisces can indeed cloud the waters with its challenging aspects, yet in its most elevated form, it quietly dissolves the illusions, leaving only the crystalline essence of wisdom earned through adversity.

Harnessing the cosmic interplay of the Sun and Moon with the prevailing planetary transits, I present penetrating horoscope insights and intentions to light your way forward. Please peruse your Sun and Rising sign forecasts for a fuller picture. For tailored astrological advice, consider a private session. Gratitude for your support, and New Moon blessings to all.

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