2024 – A WORLD BEYOND REPAIR [Cosmic Bus #2401]

In many respects, the physical/material world has moved beyond a mere transitional malfunction. Numerous facets, including environmental degradation, economic systems and inequality, societal and cultural loss, technological and infrastructure decline, and human health and well-being, as well as our relationship to the physical aspects of this experience in 3D consciousness, are deteriorating beyond repair.

Crossing the Capricorn Solstice, we have now breached the point of no return. As we enter 2024 and the final quarter of the astrological year, the rapid deterioration of all physical networks, ie. supply chains, trade routes, etc, becomes more and more evident, necessitating an increased reliance on 4D networks to meet our needs. The 'quickening' element is accelerating so rapidly that by the March Equinox, we begin to sense an almost complete disengagement from the material world, setting the stage for some quite profound, yet uncomfortable earth shocks as we head into April's JUPITER/URANUS conjunction in Taurus, eclipses and beyond.

Things that resided in our lower-level memory constructs are no longer able to be maintained as "truths" or the basis for "reality". We are certain of this now, aren't we? Yet, we observe many still clinging to old physical/material constraints, such as narrow spaces, people, group and national identities, and political and religious constructs. The fear of losing these has grown monstrously obsessive, leading to a state of consumption or possession that borders on psychotic explosions and toxic destructiveness. This is a scenario we have cautioned about for years. Soon, the people stuck in 3D mindsets will become embroiled in a global holocaust. Some may rise above that, although it is not clear whether any of us will have the fortitude since the road ahead requires enormous awareness and the capacity to release all attachments.

The time is approaching, and what is about to unfold will soon be perceived as either the greatest or most horrendous era.

With the help of the stars, we look at the journey up ahead, here on Cosmic Bus...

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