“Beyond the Individual”: The FULL MOON at 05°15′ Leo, Thursday, January 25, 2024, 17:55 UTC

Greetings Fellow Travellers,

The Full Moon culminating at 05°15′ Leo illuminates the ongoing struggle between personal distinctiveness and collective identity. This celestial phenomenon creates a dynamic push-and-pull between conforming to the group and shining as an individual, navigating between the realms of rational science and creative artistry, and balancing the pursuit of equality with the quest for personal recognition.

Sure, there have been some monumental catastrophes over the ages, where malignant egalitarianism has resulted in widespread tyranny for all, but the plight of humanity is mainly collectivist in nature.

Contrary to popular belief, Nietzsche was not strictly an individualist – he envisioned a future where the human species would evolve beyond its current form into something higher – the “overman.” Although his concept was grotesquely distorted by at least one tyrannical regime, it indicates that the great philosopher did not see individuals, even exceptional ones, as ends in themselves.

Our value as individuals, however exceptional, lies only in our contribution to this greater goal of transcending humanity.

As PLUTO finally enters Aquarius, his dark, foreboding power shuttled onto this earth by our Sun, soon to be reflected back to us by the full glow of the Leo Moon, we begin to come to terms with the light and dark, the best and worst, the most empowering and most toxic aspects in the spectrum of human endeavour.

Somewhere in that spectrum is you, doing your best, not only to be your very best but to give your very best to the tribe. Yet there are challenges – the T-square from big benefic Jupiter in Taurus, who’ll do it so long as there’s a financial kickback, the quincunx from dourfaced Saturn, posing us with all kinds of emotional blocks and depressions, and a bevy of other complexities, making you wonder whether it’s just you who’s prepared to make any effort here.

Have faith. You are not alone. Merely isolated and torn apart. Remember, even amidst chaos, your light shines strong. This Leo Full Moon, let your individual brilliance fuel collective progress, igniting hope in every heart…

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