“Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”: The FULL MOON at 04°58′ Cancer, Wednesday, December 27, 2023, 00:34 UTC

image: Patrizia Burra

Greetings, fellow travellers, and a very cosmic holiday season to all!

Yes, the Solstice marks another cardinal moment in the Sun’s epic journey around the zodiac, heralding a significant shift as it enters Capricorn. This earthy transition signifies the commencement of the astrological year’s final quarter, leading up to the Sun’s renewal at the Aries point in March. During this period, our perceptions and experiences begin to solidify, crystallising into a more tangible form. The world around us becomes vividly real and palpable, from the deepest valleys to the highest peaks. Transitions through Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign, see us approach life with a comparative lens, meticulously organising and structuring our experiences into a hierarchical framework. Distinct from the other earth signs, Capricorn is not merely focused on the physical properties of matter, like Taurus, nor solely on discernment and sorting, like Virgo. Instead, Capricorn’s essence lies in its ability to prioritise and classify elements based on their relative significance and importance to a higher system, bringing a sense of order and purpose to our material world.

Capricorn Days (and Nights)

As the Sun transits through Capricorn this month, our consciousness focuses most intently on structure, discipline, and responsibility. This period is characterised by its earnest, pragmatic approach to our goals, underscoring the importance of hard work, strategic planning, and accountability. Career advancement and professional achievements take precedence, with a keen emphasis on public image and reputation. Capricorn also encourages a conservative approach to finances and resources, urging us to make disciplined, prudent choices.

Internally, this period fosters maturity and earthy wisdom, exhorting us to offset our outward ambitions with inner moral imperatives. It’s a time to consider the effects of ageing and the toll time takes upon the body and our physical well-being. This is a particularly significant year for the Sun’s annual Capricorn journey, as the impending conjunction of the Sun and Pluto at 29°♑59′ (Jan 21) exemplifies the intense transformation that has taken place over the years.

The presence of Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 has added profound depth to this already intense period. Pluto’s extended journey through this sign has been a transformative force, relentlessly challenging, reshaping our understanding of power, authority, and societal structures. Under Pluto’s influence, Capricorn’s usual traits of discipline and responsibility are brought to their extremes. This era has been marked by a deep questioning of established hierarchies and patriarchal norms, leading to significant shifts in governance, corporate agendas, and individual ethics.

The pressure to conform to societal expectations has often been overwhelming, leading to scenarios where nonconformity might have resulted in exclusion, censorship, ridicule, or even public shaming. However, such intense scrutiny of blatant, heavy-handed authoritarianism has also cultivated unprecedented opportunities for profound personal and societal shifts. Above all, it has provoked the emergence of more authentic leadership styles, the emergence and gradual establishment of more self-sustaining practices, and the resurrection of a deeper sense of integrity and accountability in both business and government as well as in parenting and mentoring. Although these themes are yet to materialise fully, those who managed to forge a strong balance between adhering to societal norms and also honouring their authentic selves (perhaps you?), will soon stand to become the catalysts for metabolic growth and positive change.

The Cancer Moon and Its Culmination:

Under the Cancer Full Moon, emotions swell like a tide, drenching us in a sea of lachrymose sentimentality. This lunar phase, deeply rooted in Cancer’s nurturing spirit, stirs a longing for clinging emotional connections and a protective urge towards those we hold dear. It’s a time of whimsical introspection, where our hearts, draped in the soft, familiar blanket of subjectivity, yearn to be held and comforted. This Moon’s tender touch invites us to indulge in our softer, more vulnerable selves, seeking solace in the nurturing embrace of our personal sanctuaries. In stark contrast, the Capricorn Sun stands firm, a beacon of hard-nosed realism and pragmatic ambition.

Events surrounding this Full Moon cast a spotlight on the whimsical, touchy-feely Cancer Moon, urging us to go with our gut instincts and emotional responses, especially when making decisions that involve protecting our self-interests, privacy and cherished little habits. This intuitive approach works best on our home turf, or when we’re swimming in our lane. In such cases, our gut feeling about things enhances our natural strengths, guiding us effortlessly. However, it may prove less reliable when out of our comfort zone. In stark contrast, the Capricorn Sun introduces a stabilising force, authoritatively enacting order and discipline, which can feel somewhat prickly against Cancer’s soft inner centre. These opposing energies create a crisis of choice, a call to mitigate our innermost, subjective needs against a structured, pragmatic approach.

image: Evert Thielen

This Full Moon could be the harbinger of a ‘harsh reality moment’, challenging us to align our innermost feelings with the external demands of the world, seeking a peaceful, harmonious resolution. However, the intense disparity of primal energies under a Full Moon often precipitates significant fallouts, and this particular lunar event is poised to bring underlying tensions to the surface. The stark contrast between Cancer’s emotional subjectivity and Capricorn’s pragmatic discipline may lead to hard feelings, misunderstandings, and a sense of emotional abrasion. These conflicts could manifest as intense emotional confrontations or significant breakdowns in communication, potentially resulting in deep-seated resentment, strained relationships, and upheavals across personal and impersonal lines. Getting through this period will require some heightened sensitivity and cautious maturity, as the risk of misunderstandings and dissent is exceptionally high, requiring us to tread carefully through these emotionally charged waters.

Other Factors

Significant aspects during this lunation, notably the semi/sesquisquare to the Moon/Sun from Uranus in Taurus, will have a marked impact. This aspect suggests a stubborn inclination to rebel and disengage, especially in response to pressures that threaten our privacy or meddle in our affairs. This tendency is particularly pronounced in matters related to finances or material possessions, where the urge to maintain autonomy and resist external control is heightened.

Also, the retrograde Mercury, nearing conjunction with Mars in Sagittarius, forms a tight square to Neptune, further complicating matters. This aspect amplifies the propensity for righteous indignation and overblown retaliatory actions over confused or misinterpreted issues. The influence of Neptune can cloud judgment and obscure facts, making it easier to react impulsively to misunderstandings or perceived slights. Empathy is needed, especially because narratives are likely to be highly subjective and folks may be excessively sensitive, easily irked, and quick to respond with intense, almost religious fervour.

Venus, currently debilitated in Scorpio, forms a water trine to Neptune, while Mars and Mercury, also debilitated in Sagittarius, create a fire trine to Eris. While these aspects are inherently softer and more conducive to fostering harmonious alliances, they still carry an undercurrent of potential chaos and maelstrom. The fluid, intuitive connection between Venus and Neptune can lead to deeply emotional, yet possibly illusionary interactions. Simultaneously, the dynamic fire trine between Mars, Mercury, and Eris might ignite passionate, yet potentially disruptive energies, stirring the pot of already heightened emotions and opinions. This blend of water and fire energies suggests a landscape where calm collaboration is possible, but so is the sudden eruption of chaotic and unpredictable forces. Much hinges on the context, and with the prevailing cosmic conditions, straightforward communication is not a strength.

Perhaps our biggest hope of sorting things out during this complex astrological period is the Jupiter/Saturn connection. Ruler of Capricorn, Saturn’s water trine to the Cancer Moon adds a blend of sobriety and compassionate understanding, albeit somewhat ungrounded in Pisces. Meanwhile, Jupiter in Taurus forms a stabilising sextile to both the Moon as well as an earth trine to the Capricorn Sun, suggesting that practical or material needs could facilitate a compromise. Together, Jupiter and Saturn act as arbiters of our intersubjective reality, providing much-needed assistance in discerning what is genuine and essential in a social context. They offer a chance to balance personal emotions with a broader, socially responsible perspective, potentially guiding us toward realistic solutions amid the chaos. This planetary interplay could be the key to finding the equilibrium we need during such heightened emotional and practical challenges.

However, a cautionary note for the coming weeks: circumstances may continue to be confused and convoluted, largely due to the ongoing square from retrograding Mercury to Neptune.

Amongst these unsettling celestial currents are my carefully curated horoscopes. Tailored for each of the 12 zodiac signs, they’re designed to steer you through this Full Moon’s vibrant cosmic eddies and help you seize the distinct prospects it presents. As your personalised accompaniment to last Thursday’s ‘Cosmic Bus’ lunation report, these messages offer a compass to navigate the waves of change into 2024, ensuring you harness the energies at play to your utmost advantage, setting off the year on the right foot. Simply sign in or sign up to access these special messages:

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