“Feeling Into This One”: CANCER FULL MOON LUNATION REPORT [Cosmic Bus #2351]

The past week, as the Sadge Sun squared Neptune, and Mars in Sagittarius trined Chiron, has been the perfect moment for some rest and reflection. There's a strange, almost mystical transformation happening - a dissolution of sorts, where our perceived ego-identities and values gently dissolve, leading us into a realm of beautiful, albeit complex sense of divinity.

This week's slow Mercury retrograde, locked in a rare earth trine to stationing Rx Jupiter, allows us to reflect on past opinions and attitudes with a fresh approach, favouring simplicity and practicality. It's an auspicious time to reevaluate and potentially reengage with past projects or relationships that didn't meet expectations, applying new perspectives and strategies. As things change, so do mindsets, and this remains most true as immense cosmic light floods the planets via the Sun's transit over our galactic centre.

Today is the SOLSTICE, which marks a significant energetic shift and entry into the year's third and most crucial quarter. Holy days are one thing, but it's the Capricorn/Cancer lunations which ground our thoughts and attitudes into tangible realities. We are at the business end of things here, and there's so much to talk about as the world is set to shift into a whole new gear.

Enjoy this short snippet (members, login below to view the entire 60-minute discourse):

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