“Through Fractured Realms”: The NEW MOON at 21°59′ VIRGO, Friday, September 15, 2023, 01:40 UTC

Just like many things these days, there’s an ineffable quality to Virgo one cannot quite put their finger on but as this New Moon draws nigh, we are summoned to view the world through its pristinely crystalline lens, discerning truth amidst a cacophony of illusions. While the world around us plunges into a maelstrom of competing narratives, this Virgo beacon implores us to sift through the chaos, seeking clarity and coherence. What unfolds in anticipation of this New Moon is a saga of introspection, a pilgrimage into the labyrinth of our collective psyche, culminating in revelations that both challenge and transmute our very understanding of reality.


The Virgo New Moon, traditionally considered the looking glass of pragmatism and meticulous detail, now compels us to peer into deeper, wildly foreign realms: the realm of the “Umwelt.”

Derived from German, “Umwelt” encapsulates the understanding that every entity perceives the world through a unique lens, moulded by its unique biology and experiences. This realm is a universe unto itself, governed by deeply personal sensations, signs, and symbols often invisible or imperceptible to others, entire worlds of perception, each with its own set of codes and cues, remaining invisible or inaudible to others.

In the fading light of this Virgoan New Moon, we are confronted by an unsettling revelation: our “reality” isn’t the monolithic narrative we were once given to believe. It splinters and swirls into a multitude of subjective realities, becoming a kaleidoscope of fractals, each cultivating its own profoundly unique and twisted narrative. This New Moon, directly opposing a retrograde Neptune in Pisces, only intensifies this disorienting divergence. Where Virgo seeks precision, Neptune, appearing backwards in its oceanic domicile, reflects the epitome of ambiguity, challenging our very frameworks of understanding. It isn’t just about navigating our personal “Umwelt” anymore; this moment becomes a reckoning with the chaotic confluence of countless other organisms to which we are becoming sensitive. As the line between objective truth and mutable perception blurs, we find ourselves on the precipice of an existential quandary: in an emerging multiverse of shifting narratives, upon which “reality” do we anchor our truth?


Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, along with Pluto in Capricorn, form an earth trine with this New Moon, symbolising a fundamental restructuring of societal values. These configurations hint at a groundswell of individuals who are awakening to their intrinsic truths, breaking away from the age-old edifices of what’s been traditionally accepted as the presiding patriarchal powers. As these powerful planetary alignments challenge long-standing socioeconomic structures, there’s an underlying realisation that reality is multifaceted, dynamic, and deeply personal.

Neptune in Pisces, in opposition to this New Moon, serves as an open psychic conduit here. At its highest operation during this Virgo lunation, it grants us a piercing clarity into the inner workings of another, allowing a mutual glimpse into each other’s “Umwelt”—the complex mental algorithms cultivated from our sea of personal experiences. These experiences, though deeply intimate, often remain concealed by smokescreens and facades. Blessed also by a perfect trine from Uranus, they’re instantly illuminated and accessible by the Virgo gaze. Conversely, when Neptune’s fog of intangibility jams with Virgo’s desire for precision, we’re thrust into a perplexing existential dilemma, questioning foundations we’ve long accepted as absolute truths.

Here, the mind is quick to devise an ingenious jailbreak from the old 3D paradigm. Once you become convinced that you’re not actually in the “real world”, that the stories that were being fed to you were manifestly untrue; that the entire social construct by which you lived is not what it appears to be; that there are hidden passages, trap doors, panic rooms and reset switches everywhere, this fascination becomes so addictive that you cannot imagine that you’ve never noticed this before. In the most extreme sense, everything appears to be a conspiracy to confuse and deceive you, a false flag, a psy-op, a world filled with confounding rabbit holes and red pills which, at its most radical, feels as if everything is a meticulously orchestrated ruse to challenge every previous belief you ever held.


Here’s where Mercury, ruler of this fastidiously practical lunation, now poised to end its retrograde at 8º Virgo shortly after the New Moon aims to save the day. Due to retrograde, Mercury has loosely opposed Saturn and Neptune in Pisces for weeks, intensifying this cosmic enigma. Demanding rigorous introspection, challenging us to differentiate genuine personal insight from society’s oppressive, often seductive narratives—be they law, folklore, political or religious tenets. This is our call to dissect, discern, and liberate individual perceptions from the sinew of collective mythos.

Venus in Leo, moving in a square with a retrograde Jupiter in Taurus, brings forward an undercurrent of tension. There’s a palpable clash between the urge to assert individual truths and the gravitational pull to carry on with fundamentalist societal norms. This tense planetary configuration evokes a powerfully moral realisation: that personal enlightenment often starkly contrasts established group “Umwelts.” The courage and integrity of Venus in Leo empowers individuals to break free, yet the shadow of traditional societal expectations looms large.


In the diplomatically-inclined Libra, Mars aggravates historical instances where individual perspectives have been sidelined in favour of “getting along” or maintaining the “façade of peace” in our relationships. Its impending opposition to Chiron speaks of the scars left behind when the unique narratives of individuals were suppressed or outright rejected. The confrontation between these celestial bodies underscores the dangers of homogenised thinking and the historical wounds that arise from it. These inner conflagrations and age-old grievances are poised to keep surfacing as Eris further converges with the Aries North Node, foreshadowing the tempest of the forthcoming eclipses.

As self-awakening individuals in marginalised communities strive to emancipate themselves from a universally dictated “Umwelt”, the collective consciousness gravitates towards transformative global events, manifesting in tumultuous catastrophes like wars, scarcity of basic supplies, and recurring health crises. Whether or not you believe these are a conspiracy in your own intricate Umwelt is hardly relevant. What is important here is how equipped you are to handle these. [We cover these forecasts more extensively on our premium ‘Cosmic Bus’ series.]


Against this intricately interwoven web of retrograde outer planets, the Virgo New Moon doesn’t just mark a typical fresh start. It calls on us to reflect deeply, encouraging both individuals and society to acknowledge and value the multifaceted range of perspectives that influence our world. The challenge is twofold: we must not only respect these unique viewpoints but also integrate them into a collective story that embraces diversity and cultivates unity beyond the 3D constraints of linear time and space. This is, hence, a quantum journey of self-discovery, societal contemplation, and a profound exploration of the intricacies of existence—a voyage that offers both challenges and moments of transformation. In any sense, crucial decisions must be made, new intentions set…

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