It’s certainly beyond the pale, the level of distortion and corruption being carried out by the gatekeepers – the institutions and established leaders of the 3D world. The 3D world, characterised by rigid beliefs and limitations is going away, and there isn’t any coming back. No, even the great Trump, a figure notorious for selling the most grandiose of delusions is refraining from promising that anything will be great, “again”. No, what we are experiencing is the grand awakening that nothing was ever great. Just like those phoney Hollywood props, we are rapidly awakening to the notion what we’ve been fed is merely a constructed narrative, a pretext or out-and-out-lie masked as dogma, a panacea cloaked in an elaborate story, shrouded in a sea of mystery, denominated formally as a religion to which you were supposed to pay unquestioning allegiance or else be burned at the stake for heresy or worse, locked up, locked down or banished to your dungeon of despair.

No, the phoney thing is fallen, we can stomach no more of it and now, all we have is nothing but each other. Let’s get ready to work with this newfound clarity, this raw, unvarnished reality. As the illusions crumble, we find ourselves on the precipice of genuine transformation. Instead of rebuilding old structures, let’s work on sculpting new narratives, ones rooted in authenticity, compassion, and collective growth.

The old paradigm, with its convolutedly incomprehensible misconceptions and power imbalances, cannot bind us any longer. It’s time to unite, to harness the collective consciousness, and to create a world that truly reflects our interconnectedness and inherent worth. The Age of Enlightenment is not in the past—it’s unfolding. The Saturnian Supermoon, this epic “Blue Moon,” holds the mirror of 3D distortions up to careful scrutiny. Let all illusions dissipate, and let the age of authenticity and genuine connection commence.

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